1.1.1 – Installation of JDK on Windows

by subbu on December 1, 2018

So we have realized that,  we need a system installed with JDK to write, debug and test  java programs. Now in this session we will see the installation procedure of JDK on windows system. So that, we can start practicing java.

Step 1:  Official website of Oracle Corporation provides free download links to download different versions of Java SE (JDK) for different platforms and architectures.

Accept the agreement and download according to your system requirements.

JDK download

Here I am downloading JDK 8 for Windows 32 bit computer (Jdk-8u25-windows-i586.exe). Go for Jdk-8u25-windows-x64.exe if you are using 64 bit computer

Step 2:  Double click the JDK installation executable file which has downloaded into the downloads folder of your computer

JDK setup file


JDK Installation step 1


Step 3:  By default java would be installed under “c:\Program Files” as any other software in windows. But I suggest changing the installation folder to root that is under “c:\” directly because it would be so easy and less scope to commit mistakes while configuring java using path or class path environment variables (will be covered later)

So, select change button to change the installation folder

JDK Installation step 2


Generally “c:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_06\” is displayed as the installation Folder name. Now change it to “c:\jdk1.8.0”. Here you no need to worry about “_06” at the end of folder name.

JDK Installation step 3

JDK Installation step 6

JDK Installation step 4

It is the end of JDK installation. Now we can write and compile the java programs but can’t be executed. Now the wizard proceeds to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to execute the programs.

Step 4: Installation of JRE (Java Run time Environment)

Now let us follow the same procedure to install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Let us change the installation folder from “c:\Program Files\Java\Jre8” to “c:\JRE8”

JDK Installation step 5

JDK Installation step 7

JDK Installation step 8

JDK Installation step 9

Mean while oracle states that nearly 3Billion devices like computers, printers, routers, cell pones and security systems run java

End of JDK installation

Now we came to the end of Java SE 8 installation.
In the next session we will see how JDK can be configured to compile and execute java programs..

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