1.1 – Tools to execute a C program

by subbu on July 23, 2017

Tools to execute a C program:

The code written in C language is called the source code, which is saved with .c file extension (hello.c). We need some tools to debug, compile and execute a C program. These are

  1. Debugger
  2. Preprocessor
  3. Compiler
  4. Linker

Meaning of bug is an error. Debugger is a tool takes the source code written in C language and reports errors if any. It helps to rectify the errors in the program.

Preprocessor is a tool which performs some modifications to the source code and sends the modified code to the compiler.

The compiler is an important tool take the source code and produces object code. The object code is saved with .o or .obj file extension with the original name of C program (hello.o or hello.obj). There are different compilers available to compile a C program. Some of these are gcc (GNU Compiler Collection), TURBO C, Quick C, Microsoft C, Aztech C, Zortech C, Lattice C, Watcom C, Green Leaf C and Vitamin C etc.

Linker is a tool includes files from the runtime support library to the object code and generates native executable code, which is saved with .exe file extension (hello.exe).

To successfully debug and execute a C program we do need all these tools.

C build chain

C IDE (Integrated Development Environment):

As discoursed earlier, we need an editor, debugger, pre-processor, compiler, linker, runtime support library to write and execute any C program. All these tools are integrated with in a single software called IDE.


Now we will see installation and configuration of different IDEs and compilers under different platforms. Skip to programming if you are already using an IDE.

In this course we are going to discourse

  • TURBOC Installation on windows XP
  • TURBOC installation and configuration on 64bit platforms like Windows7/Windows8
  • Execution of a C program on Linux platform
  • Execution of a C program using gcc compiler (GNU compiler collection)
  • Installation and configuration of gcc for commercial editors like edit+, notepad++ and eclipse on windows.

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