1.3.1 – Installation of Net Beans on Windows

by subbu on December 5, 2018

NetBeans is a popular IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for java development.  It is open source software, can be downloaded for free from either official website of NetBeans or from Oracle website

Though Sun Microsystems has not developed any IDE for java development at the beginning, programmers have been using different third party IDEs to develop java applications. NetBeans is the first IDE promoted by the sun Microsystems as an official IDE for java development. Now it is the product of Oracle Corporation. It can be used to develop small to very big enterprise level applications. It is equipped with drag and drop tools to do Rapid Application Development.

Net Beans is not only used to develop java applications but, can be also used to develop C, C++, PHP, HTML and XML applications.

According to my knowledge, it is the best tool to learn and experiment with java. In this session we will see how Net Beans IDE can be installed and configured step by step to execute a simple java program.

Installation Procedure of Net Beans

Note: Before installing Net Beans with JDK, uninstall JDK if your system is already installed with any version of JDK

Download the suitable version and edition of Net Beans either from official website of http://www.Netbeans.org or from Downloads section of Oracle corporation website

There would be wide varieties of choices if we go to the official website of Net Beans www.netbeans.org. We can select proper build according to our requirement. We can down load NetBeans with different combinations of C/C++, PHP, JAVA SE, JAVA EE , Java ME and HTML etc for Windows, Linux and Mac. We can select accord to our choice.



We can also download NetBeans with JDK from the official web site of Oracle Corporation www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html




Here I am downloading Net Beans with JDK 8 for Windows 32 bit computer (jdk-8u5-nebbeans-8-windows-i586) from downloads section of Oracle Corporation website. You can download proper build according to your requirement.

Double click on one click set up file (jdk-8u5-nebbeans-8-windows-i586) which is under downloads folder of your computer


NetBeans steup-process1

  • Select Next to continue installation

NetBeans setup-process-2

  • Accept license agreement

NetBeans setup-process-3

  • Check the check box if you want to get the notifications and wants to update automatically

NetBeans setup-process4

  • Select Next to proceed installation

NetBeans steup process 5

  • We can change the installation folders of both NetBeans and JDK by selecting brows buttons at this stage of installation

NetBeans setup-process-6

  • Select Finish to complete the installation


  • It is the end of NetBeans installation on Windows system. In the next session we will see how a simple java program can be executed in NetBeans.

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