1.3 – How to install Turbo C in Windows 7/8

by subbu on July 24, 2017

Installation of Turbo C  on Windows 7/8:

Turbo C++ 3.0 is the next version to Turbo C 2.0 used to execute both C and C++ programs. It is not compatible with the latest versions of Windows 7 and 8. Though it runs on Windows 7 32 bit version, may not be loaded in full screen mode (loads in small window). It doesn’t run at all on Windows 7/8 64bit versions because 16bit DOS sub system is not available on Windows 7/8.

Though number of IDEs are available for Windows 7/8, most of the colleges teach C programming on the Turbo C IDE due to its simplicity, speed and low cost.

We can make run the Turbo C IDE on any version of Windows may it be 32bit or 64bit using a utility software called DOSBOX.

All the process is automated in a single executable setup file. You can install both the DOSBOX and Turbo C++ 3.0 in it, by following the setup wizard.

Step1: Click the following download link to download “turboC_C++.zip”

free turboc for windows 7/8

Step2: Unzip the zip file “turboC_C++.zip” and double click on “TurboC_C++” executable file and follow setup wizard.


turbo c installation on windows 7/8

  • Select “next”
  • Accept agreement by checking “I accept the terms of license agreement”
  • Select “install”
  • Select “finish”

Step3: Double click on the TurboC++ icon which is on desktop to start Turbo C IDE.


Step4: Write any C program and execute as if you are using IDE on Windows XP


Step5: Here we will come out of DOSBOX and into DOS shell on selecting quitting the IDE (File-Quit)

Use exit command to comedown to the windows environment


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