1.7 – How to configure Turbo C in EditPlus

by subbu on July 26, 2017

                           EditPlus is a commonly used editor by the learners of HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, XML, PHP and java. edit+ can also be configured to compile and execute C programs using Turbo C compiler TCC. We will see step by step procedure of configuring edit+ for turbo C compiler and executing a C program.

Step1: Install Turbo C++ 3.0 as explained in the previous session
Step2: Install the EditPlus software
Step3: Configure EditPlus user tools to compile and execute a C program as explained below

Configuring Turbo C in EditPlus:

 Open the EditPlus
→ Select Tools – Configure user tools…

configuring C in edit+

Creating C compiler tool (Ctrl+1)

Add Tool>> – program

adding tool in edit+

Menu Text: C compiler
Command: C:\TC\BIN\TCC.EXE [Select tcc manually from browse button …] Argument: $(FileName) [Select FileName from Arrow down button] Initial Directory: $(FileDir) [Select File Directory from Arrow down button] Select Apply

creating compiling tool in edit+

Creating execution tool (Ctrl+2)

Add Tool>> – program
Menu Text: C execution Tool
Command: $(FileNameNoExt)
Initial Directory: $(FileDir)
Select Apply – OK

creating execution tool in edit+

Executing a C program in edit+

 Select file – new – C/C++

C program in edit+

 Type the program and save with .c file extension otherwise .cpp will take as a default extension (hello.c).

int main()
  printf("Hello World\n");
  return 0;

A simple C program

 Compile the program by selecting Tool1 or by pressing Ctrl+1

Compiling a C program

 Execute the program by selecting Tool2 or by selecting ctrl+2

Executing C program

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