1.8 – How to configure gcc in EditPlus for C11

by subbu on July 27, 2017

                                In previous session we have learned how to configure Turbo C++ 3.0 compiler TCC in EditPlus. By using Turbo C compiler we can’t test the latest specification to C language C11 by ISO/IEC. Where as gcc by MinGw implements ISO/IEC C11, but it is difficult and time taking to write, test and execute programs at command prompt. To make it simple, we can configure gcc in EditPlus. Once we configure gcc in EditPlus, it will be so simple to write, test and execute C programs with C11 specification.
We will see step by step procedure of configuring gcc in EditPlus

Step1: Install gcc compiler as explained in the previous session
Step2: Install the latest version of EditPlus
Step3: Configure  tools to compile and execute a C program in EditPlus

Configuring gcc in EditPlus

 Open the EditPlus
 Select tools – Configure user tools…

configuring C in edit+

Creating  compiler tool:

 select Add Tool>> – program

adding tool in edit+

Menu Text: C compiler
Command: c:\MinGW\bin\gcc.exe [Select gcc.exe manually from browse button …] Argument: -o $(FileNameNoExt) $(FileName) [Select FileName, FileNameWithoutExtension from Arrow down button] Initial Directory: $(FileDir) [Select File Directory from Arrow down button] Select Apply

gcc compiler in edit+

Creating execution tool (Ctrl+2)

select Add Tool>> – program
Menu Text: C execution Tool
Command: $(FileNameNoExt)
Initial Directory: $(FileDir)
Select Apply – OK

setting execution in edit+

Executing a C program in EditPlus:

 Select file – new – C/C++

C program in edit+

 Type the program and save with .c file extension otherwise .cpp will take as a default extension (hello.c).

int main()
printf("Hello, World\n");
return 0;

A simple C program

 Compile the program by selecting Tool1 or by pressing Ctrl+1

compiling C program in edit+

 Execute the program by selecting Tool2 or by selecting ctrl+2

executing using gcc in edit+

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